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The¬†beautiful country of Qatar is located in the Arabian Peninsula. Since the 1970s, Qatar has been self-governing, leading the way for other nations near the Emirate. Gone are the days of the economically weak country of the 1940s. Ever since oil was discovered deep down in the ground, Qatar has been the country to visit and to live. Qatar’s real estate market has become more attractive as the years go by. There are many individuals in the area that are looking to invest in the real estate market. Qatar has up and coming rental properties, which is grabbing the attention of many residents and visitors. There are countless reasons why Qatar is becoming the hot spot for the best real estate, with the emergence of the property market and new interest in the country.

Individuals have become confident in Qatar’s real estate market because of the Real Estate market development in Dubai. After the initial downswing due to the global recession in 2008, the Dubai market has seen an increase in confidence from across the globe. This global confidence has stregthened the investments in Qatar, making the country the go-to place to buy and sell real estate. There is a market boom in Qatar, resulting from this global confidence and many individuals are hoping to see it continue.

With this real estate boom in Qatar, many real estate agents are taking this opportunity to rent out properties all over the country. There are many Qatar apartments and villas available for rent. These Qatar apartments are located in some of the best areas of Qatar and they feature amenities that will impress any resident. Qatar gives prospective residents attractive living conditions with remarkable developments throughout the country. In addition to Qatar apartments, there are also private villas that gives residents plenty of privacy and luxury.

When discussing developments in Qatar, The Pearl Qatar is one of the most beautiful places in the country. This development is a man made island and it is said to cost over $2.5 billion to build. The Pearl is the largest development in all of Qatar. The second phase of The Pearl developement was completed in 2005. In addition to The Pearl, the Barwa Sayer development is also popular in the real estate market. The Pearl Qatar is estimated to house 30,000 people. The Pearl Qatar provides luxurious villas and apartments, in additon to hotels, shops, restaurants, boutiques and an international yachting hub. Townhouses are also available to residents looking to make The Pearl their home.

This Middle East region of the world is now a hub for luxury and style, with homes to match. Anyone to looking to live in Qatar will get an amazing experience and and enjoy the beauty of the country.